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The Life You Were Meant to Live

Most people don't live lives that are full and exciting. They merely live for the day to day. It's just the same ole, same ole. But the people of God weren't made for this kind of life. They were made for his purpose and his calling. The people of God, the people of God's kingdom, were made to live life to the fullest. That doesn't mean lots of money to spend, lots of places to vacation, or lots of thrilling escapades. It does mean that all of life, including our money, is to be invested, rather than simply spent. The places we go and things we do are all about his greater kingdom purpose. Each day is thrilling as we live a life of trust in God and his promises to us. The 12 disciples who later became apostles, were never bored from the time they began to follow Jesus until the end of their earthly lives. They lived each day with anticipation of what God was going to do that day. Seldom were their lives easy and often they endured hardship, but they lived life to the fullest. I enjoy watching Bear Grylls as he adventures into the wild, and to watch those amazing skiers and snowboarders who do amazing feats of flight as they spin and flip in mid air. But as exciting as they are, nothing compares to seeing people changed by the influence of the Holy Spirit as they begin to live the life they were intended to live. Free from bondages, free to serve God fully, and free to be and do that for which they were created. If you want to live the life you were meant to live, it all begins with following Jesus Christ.

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