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How Can the Church Live the Kingdom Plan?

The Church is always adapting and changing to impact its culture. In America, it is not dying, it is transforming. Changing from the institutional church of the past 100 years, to a more dynamic and fluid church that little resembles the past, while maintaining the character of the church found in the Book of Acts. This does not mean that churches as we know them today will cease to exist, but it does mean that churches as we know them today will need to make important changes to continue to exist. This Sunday's message was about what leaders must do to continue to lead the church as we advance the kingdom of God. Quickly, they must represent God, oversee discipleship, manage conflict, and communicate divine truth. This is simple, not simplistic. Too many of today's pastors are doing other things that fill their time and drain all their resources. It is time for leaders to get back to the basics. We don't need to be CEOs, we need to be CSOs, (chief spiritual officer). The apostles said "it is not good for us to spend time waiting tables, when we need to be praying, studying and preaching." That certainly doesn't mean that as leaders we don't serve others, but it means we need to keep our God given responsibilities and priorities in order. Men and women of God, called to lead and empowered by the Holy Spirit, it is time for you to let go of other responsibilities and lead like the Good Shepherd.

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