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God of the Insecure

I am insecure. There’s no denying it. Insecurity is in my face every day. It is in my mirror. It is in my prayers. It’s in my conversations. It speaks to me when I read. Unfortunately, I even see my insecurities reflected in my kids. Not only do I see it in myself, but I also see it in everyone around me. They may not see it in themselves, but so much of what they do and say, how they behave and converse is attached to their insecurities. (Those around me need to know that I might use their examples, but never their names.) The odd thing about insecurity is that it reveals itself in such a variety of forms. For some it is found in withdrawal, for others it is found in aggression. There are people whose insecurities are expressed in pride and others in humility. It causes people to make choices about what they buy and where they buy it or where they live and what they own. The one thing I’m positive about, is that everyone is insecure about something. It can be about their physical appearance or their personality. It can be about their abilities or their intellectual capacities. It can be about relationships or behaviors. Truly, people can be insecure about anything. Another thing I’m positive about, is that insecurity can be debilitating and destructive. My purpose in writing this blog has nothing to do with self-help. There are books, articles and recordings than can help overcome insecurity. What I want for us, has little to do with overcoming our insecurities, it is about recognizing the One who loves us despite our insecurities and uses us, especially in our weaknesses. That is the biblical example isn’t it? Paul wrote things like “His power is made perfect in our weakness,” and “He uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.” The scripture is replete with people who were insecure, at least my Bible is. So this is not about helping you overcome your insecurity, it is about you learning how to trust God despite your insecurity. I may be insecure in many ways, but in the most important way, my relationship with God is completely secure and that is my desire for you. In the following blogs, we’re going to look at the insecurities of people in the Bible and then see how God works in and through them. While there may be some psychology, both in terms and examples, I am not a psychologist. There will be ample scripture study, but while I am a pastor, I am not a scholar. I am a man who, with all my insecurities, wants everyone to know how much God loves you and wants to use the real you. So cut yourself some slack and let’s let God take the rope as He leads us into a secure life in Him.

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