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God Loves Your Family

Happy family

We know that God loves us. We know that God loves the world. But we seldom realize how much God loves our family. In Genesis 2, we're told of how God instituted the family by giving man a partner to fulfill their responsibility to fill the earth and multiply. God's relationship with humanity was first, and then he created relationship that would best reflect God's heart for humankind. It was God who knew best that "it is not good that man be alone," so created the first family. The first stories of the Bible are about families: Noah's, Abraham's, Jacob's. Israel is a nation that began not because of a political boundaries, but out of family relationship. The New Testament begins with Jesus's family lineage and it describes the church as the bride of Christ, who calls God his father. The two most prominent apostles Peter and Paul, both wrote in their letters about the value of proper family relationships. Your family is important to God and God's plan for advancing his kingdom in this world. So where should we get our ideas for leading and raising our family? From today's culture? From the media? From a political system that seems to be in opposition to the healthy family? The Bible is filled with stories that illustrate both how to and how not to have a good family. So the next time you are at a loss for what to do with the problems in your family, then turn to the one who loves your family most and read the book he wrote to find his answer.

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